Scenes from Pleasantview Pt. 1

Poor Priya Ramiswami lost her first baby to miscarriage, then had a very tough second pregnancy.  In fact, so tough that she died right after giving birth.  Sanjay was distraught and did the only thing he could.  Happy ending.  Please pardon the plumb-bob.

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Where I'm at...

So, when I got Apartments not only did I do a complete reinstall of Sims 2, my husband also did a complete reinstall of my operating system to clear up some irritating gliches that have been troubling me.  So again, I have a brand-new game.  Been working on the creation of a Regency neighborhood, but also playing Pleasantview (with attached Downtown and Bluewater) with an avatar family representing myself and my husband thrown in for fun.  However, due to being hugely pregnant with twin boys, I can't spend much time sitting at my computer and haven't been able to play much.  That and my husband has been using my computer a lot, lately.  Still, for an anniversary gift he got me a cordless keyboard and mouse, so with a little creativity I may be able to play from the comfy couch in my study.  That would probably be easiier as I am already shaped like a weeble wobble and I have many months left to go.  Also, am very much looking forward to Sims 3, no matter what anyone says about it.

So - I restarted again

This is why I do not advertise or beg people to read my legacies or stories or whatever.  I am not devoted to any version of my game apparently, and I fiddle with it a lot.  That means, I have to do complete reinstalls now and then.  So currently I am running a Royal Kingdom Challenge using the Maxis TriHood (found at MATY).  In it, Pleasantview, Veronaville, and Strangetowns are all different kingdoms (with Downtown and Bluewater being Outland areas common for all).  Also, I am now no longer using Enayla defaults and am enjoying a much more Maxis-like appearance for my sims.  Also, as this is a Maxis hood I'm using Maxis-like rules instead of any actual historical style rules.  Except I wanted to use all my cool historical content, so I decided that the different kingdoms have different historical styles as their traditional costume/decor/style.  Hence, Pleasantview will be vaguely Victorian, Veronaville will have Regency style, and Strangetown will have Medieval.  Outlands will have Maxis style.  So, for starters, here's a pic of King Mortimer and Queen Bella of Pleasantview.

Gallendale Pt. 2

So far my experiment is working.  My hood is fairly empty, but I am enjoying my sims.  Perhaps for me, the fun can be measured in time actually spend with individual sims.

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 That's the word of the day.  My ungainly Maxis Tri-Hood died.  I spent several weeks happily creating aliens and humans for my Trek hood.  Then I had a bit of a Sims 2 epiphany.  Playing entire neighborhoods is boring and annoying.  Especially when I am playing all maxis sims, plus random sims of my own, plus challenge sims from TSR, plus any and all college townies who graduate.  It's exhausting.  And I must admit, with Sims 3 on the horizon, with it's ever-changing and aging populace already in place the concept of managing every household in town in annoying.  I already think it unlikely I will pick up Apartments as Sims 3 should be out not too long after that.  So the key now is to find the fun.  This is one of my favorite games of all time and somehow I must stop annoying myself and have fun playing it.   So, to that end I have created Gallendale, a legacy hood.  I say legacy although I really have no intention of deliberately following any legacy rules.  Maybe I should call it a dynasty hood instead.  I started off with my family founder in an empty hood, and I will continue to play only descendents of him until I get annoyed or it blows up.

Grilled Cheese

The Grilled Cheese aspiration is repetitive and funny, right?  Well, for the sims in my world it is their version of O.C.D.  It is an anxiety disorder that focuses on Grilled Cheese, which is the ultimate Maxis comfort food.  Unlike other mental problems on Sim, the Grilled Cheese Syndrome does not respond to usual  treatment and is almost never cured.  Recently, the severity of Grilled Cheese Syndrome has been lessened by the new Aspiration Treatment.  This substitution exercise allows for the afflicted sim to gain the comfort of the Grilled Cheese but also allows for other interests to emerge.  It has allowed for a marked improvement for the G.C.S. sufferers.  They live fuller lives without every waking thought revolving around Grilled Cheese....mmmm....warm....toasty...cheesy....